What Season Is Best for Shingle Repair For My Roof?

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What Season is Best for Shingle Repair for My Roof?

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to take care of your roof. Whether it looks a bit worse for wear or needs a repair, you want to schedule the ideal time to take care of your roof. When would that be? Today, we are sharing with you what season is best for shingle repair and how you can add years of life to your roof. 

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Summer Shingle Roof Repair

Summer is, without a doubt, the best season for shingle roof repair. Not only does the hot summer sun provide a dry surface to perform repairs, but the heat allows the tar strip for the shingles to activate and properly adhere to the roof. 

Summertime also provides a higher likelihood of clear skies, making it the ideal weather for your contractors to safely get up on the roof without delays as well as work longer before night falls. 

Unfortunately, since summer and early fall are the best times for roof repair, they tend to be the busiest. Therefore, if you want to hire for summer shingle roof repair, we recommend hiring in early summer, as soon as spring is finishing up, to ensure that you get an appointment.  

Can I Get Shingle Roof Repair in Fall?

Fall is considered to be the second-best season for shingle roof repair. You still benefit from stable temperatures and less rain during this time of the year. Plus, the cooler weather will allow your roofers to work faster compared to the blazing heat of the summer sun. 

Another benefit of repairing your roof in the fall is that it prepares you well for the upcoming winter. You will rest assured that your roof is ready to take on the power of winter without faltering. 

Can I get Shingle Roof Repair in Spring?

Many homeowners think that spring is the best time for roof repair. While it is the season that often gets the most “emergency” jobs, as homeowners are taking action to fix damages caused during the winter, it actually comes in at third place. 

Spring does provide moderate temperatures, but the high chance for rain does require scheduling and patience for delays. Depending on where you live, rain and other inclement weather may cause a day to weeklong delay beyond the control of the contractors. Therefore, if you need to schedule a shingle roof repair in spring, you should plan to have a flexible schedule. 

Can I get Shingle Roof Repair in the Winter?

We are sure you are not surprised to hear that winter is the worse time to perform shingle repair on your roof. When winter hits, it brings with it a host of unfortunate weather patterns, including heavy rain, sleet, high winds, and snow. This leaves roofs wet, slippery, and sometimes so covered in snow, ice, or debris that one cannot see the components underneath. On top of that, the cold temperature hardens your roofing materials, making them inflexible and brittle. 

Due to this, most roofing companies do not offer shingle roof repair during the winter. Rather, they advise home and business owners to wait until better weather. However, suppose you have a roofing emergency that cannot wait. In that case, most companies will provide emergency repairs for significant problems to ensure that you get through the winter safely, comfortably, and without an increase in the damage situation.  

What are the Weather Requirements for Roof Maxx Shingle Treatment?

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No matter the season, there are specific weather requirements for the application of a Roof Maxx Treatment concerning weather and roofing conditions. 

Firstly, weather conditions must be dry for Roof Maxx to be applied successfully; we typically look for temperatures about 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Fortunately, you only need an hour for drying. Essentially, the treatment needs to fully soak into the shingles. Once done, it won’t wash away with the rain. While this is primarily a concern in winter and spring, the weather forecast must be clear for the application process and one hour after for drying. If it rains two hours later, no problem! 

Secondly, since Roof Maxx is a water-based, all-natural saturant, the roof can be slightly damp before the application. To ensure that your roof isn’t too wet, a technician will inspect your roof carefully before starting the process. 

Don’t Wait for Roofing Repair!

While it would be lovely to have all damages and subsequent repairs adhere to a precise and manageable schedule, life rarely goes to plan. If you face roof damages or concerns, you will want them to be inspected and addressed immediately. 

When you wait, you are putting yourself at risk for the damage to spread and become a danger to your home or business; thus, forcing you into a lengthy and expensive repair process. 

Prevent Constant Shingle Repairs with Roof Maxx

If your roof is reaching the end of its lifespan, you are likely needing to complete more and more repairs. Fortunately, there is an easy, cost-effective method to add years of life to your roof without a replacement. 

Roof Maxx is an eco-friendly spray that is applied directly to the asphalt shingles of your roof. The Roof Maxx Treatment coats the shingles with a specially designed formula to create a waterproof weather barrier that protects your roof from weather damage, no matter what challenges come throughout the year. 

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