What Should I Do If My Roof is Leaking?

What to do if you have a Leaky Roof

Your home is your sanctuary, where you feel safe, comfortable, and content.  The purpose of your roof is to protect you and your personal belongings from the outside elements. Your roof is your shield from potentially destructive or harmful things such as hail, strong winds, snow and rain. 

So, when you notice a leak of any size in your roof, there is no time to waste when it comes to a repair or possibly a replacement. Roof leaks can lead to expensive damage and health problems if you don’t promptly remedy them.  It is important to take immediate action to prevent additional damage that could include extensive water damage to your home. 

But what are the vital steps you should take when you discover that your roof is leaking?  What measures are advisable in order to minimize the damage from the leaky roof? 

In this blog space we will cover the most useful steps to take to lessen the chances of major damage occurring and save as much of your roof as possible, while also protecting your health and well-being.

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7 Important Steps to Take When Your Roof is Leaking

1. Contain the Leak

One of the most important actions you need to take when responding to a roof leak is containing the water as much as you can. So, first grab a bucket, trash can or other containers and place them under the leak. A helpful tip here is to prop up a board inside the container so the drip strikes the board and not the accumulated water. This action also lessens the dripping sound. 

In an effort to further contain the leak, obtain an old screwdriver and locate the center of bulge where water is accumulating and puncture it right in the middle. This new hole will enable the water to drain smoothly and relieve pressure on the rest of your ceiling. 

If you feel sure where the leak originates, you could attempt to cover the exterior surface with a large tarp. But if this doesn’t seem safe, choose to contact a roofing professional to repair your roof.

2. Move all Your Possessions & Other Items Away from the Leaking Water

Having a roof that is leaking is already frustrating without compounding the problem by having the water ruin your possessions.  So, if the roof is leaking directly over your bed, coffee table, or fabric chair, move them out of the way as quickly as possible. 

You should be immediately concerned about water damage to your clothing, furniture and valuables. What’s worse, there are some fabrics that trap water and leave a pungent mildew odor.  So, make sure you act fast to remove everything of value out of the roof leak area. 

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3. Tarp the Roof

If it will take a while to fix the leaking roof, the ideal remedy here is to place some tarp over the affected area. Do this only when it is safe to climb the roof. If you are struggling to find where your roof is leaking, then use a tarp that is at least six millimeters thick and extends at least four feet across the problem area and up to the peak.  If the peak is farther away, then tuck a portion of the tarp under the shingles to avoid water from going underneath the tarp. 

Now you have the peace of mind knowing that you have covered the entire perimeter, and this ensures the area is completely protected. 

4. Relieve Water Pressure

A sure sign of water collecting in a particular area is a sagging bulge hanging from your ceiling.  Try poking a whole in the area. If you leave it undisturbed, the water might spread and cause more significant damage to the ceiling. 

The next best action to take when your roof is leaking is using a screwdriver to carefully puncture the lowest point of the bulge, and place a bucket underneath it to capture the water.  For a larger size leak, you may need to make a few additional punctures. 

5. Take Pictures to Document Roof Leak for Insurance

It is absolutely necessary to document your damages from the roof leak in order to file your home insurance claim. This presumes that the leak damage is eligible for a claim. These photos should be adequate to substantiate the magnitude of the damage from the roof leak. 

The pictures will illustrate the extent of the damage, as well as show any other items that were negatively impacted. For example, if your furniture, bedding, or kitchen were ruined by the roof leak, document that, too. There is a chance that your insurance will fix the roof and replace your lost items. 

6. Call Roof Maxx to Repair or Replace Your Compromised Roof

When your roof is leaking, it requires the services of a professional roofing contractor like Roof Maxx, located in the Tri-Cities. And the longer you put it off, the worse the leak damage could become. That is why it is advisable to fix your leaky roof as soon as you can. 

Our professional and experienced roofers at Roof Maxx will repair the damaged area and evaluate other potential trouble spots on your roof that could require action be taken.  It is always wise to contact a roofing company like Roof Maxx so you know the job will be done right. 

7. Continue Regular Roof Maintenance with Roof Maxx

Once your roof is fixed and your home is protected again, you will want to ensure that your roof remains in good condition by having Roof Maxx do routine maintenance on your roof. Your roof sustains a lot of wear and tear from harsh elements like hail and windstorms, heavy rains and snow. Being exposed to these severe conditions over time will potentially cause structural issues on your roof in the future. 

A routine maintenance from Roof Maxx will include the following roofing services:

  • Inspecting for trees that may be growing too close to your roof, and, if necessary, trimming branches and limbs to ensure your roof is not negatively impacted
  • Make sure that your gutters and downspouts are not clogged with any debris like leaves. The water should be able to run away from your house as designed. 
  • Look for possible cracks in your chimney
  • Check for damage after harsh weather such as missing or loose shingles
  • Locate and replace curled or split shingles
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Look to Roof Maxx for Expert Roof Inspections & Replacements

If you have experienced a roof leak, or there is some noticeable evidence of wear and tear on your roof, we invite you to call on Roof Maxx for an inspection of your roof. Your roof may also need a treatment. At Roof Maxx, our roof treatments are safe, easy, proven, and is an affordable alternative to a complicated, expensive, and life-disrupting asphalt roof replacement.  Keep your money in your pocket and your roof out of the landfill! 

Do you need to get some of your roof’s shingles repaired?  We can help take care of all your roof shingle repair needs.

What if your roof is at the point of no return?  If it’s time to replace your old, worn out, or heavily damaged roof, it’s time to call Roof Maxx for a quality roof replacement. 

Don’t wait for your roofing problem to get worse.  Schedule a roof replacement inspection and replacement estimate now with Roof Maxx by calling us at (509) 845-0818.

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