My Roof Leaks. Do I Need to Have it Totally Replaced?

Replacing a roof is one of the biggest nightmares for homeowners. Although the average roof is built to last between fifteen and thirty years, that might not always be the case. Your shingles can be damaged by intense sun, temperature fluctuations, extreme weather, or even something as simple as a falling tree branch. Unfortunately, these common occurrences can lead to costly damage. Before you panic about the potential replacement cost, read on to find out about a cost-effective alternative – the Roof Maxx roof treatment. 

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How Do I Know If My Roof Is Damaged?

A leak is a sure sign of roof damage. However, your roof can be damaged even if water isn’t visibly dripping or gushing into your home. Another standard indicator of roof damage is a change in the appearance of your ceiling. If your ceiling looks darker, discolored, or stained, this could be a sign of water damage. If you have access to your attic, inspecting it for water is the first step. You may also note swollen or darker wood beams and a musty odor. These are also a way to gauge water damage from a roofing issue.

What Should I Do If I Have A Roof Leak?

If you have a leak or roof damage – stay calm! There are a few steps you can take to prevent further costly concerns. Start by moving furniture, rugs, and other items away from the leaking area to prevent damage to those items. Next, put a bucket or pan on the floor to contain the water and stem floor damage. If possible, try to access the area on your roof and tack a tarp securely in place over the area. If you have an attic fan, turn it on and place additional electric fans in the space for ventilation. At this point, you can call a professional roofing company to check out your leak, but remember – a costly roof replacement is not the only option. Your leak may be able to be fixed by a simple Roof Maxx roof treatment. 

Roof Leak Solution: Replacement VS Roof Maxx Roof Treatment

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to wholly replace your roof or have your roof treated with Roof Maxx. 

The Age of your Roof

With the average asphalt shingle roof lasting fifteen to twenty years, you don’t want to replace a relatively young roof. Roof Maxx can extend the life of your roof by up to fifteen years with three applications. This method is an ideal solution for extending the lifetime of your lightly damaged roof. 

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The Severity of the Roof Damage

Whether you decide to replace or treat your roof depends on the amount of damage your roof sustained. If your roof was severely impaired by severe weather, such as extreme hail, hurricanes, or high winds, roof replacement might be the way to go. However, Roof Maxx is an ideal solution if your roof lacks its former flexibility because of its attained age or if it has minor damage.

Your Current Roof Material

Roof Maxx was designed for use on asphalt shingle roofs. If your asphalt shingles have lost their waterproofing and flexibility or have significant damage, roof treatment is perfect for your roof. However, if your roof is another material, you might have to go with a full replacement. 

Your Home Insurance Policy

Before deciding to replace your roof, check your insurance policy. Unfortunately, most insurers require that the roof be damaged anywhere between 25%-50% before they sign off on a replacement. If your damage is contained to one area, roof treatment might be a better option that could be covered by insurance. 

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Best Benefits of Getting a Roof Treatment

If your asphalt roof has seen better days, roof rejuvenation might be a good option for your home. Here are some of the many benefits of Roof Maxx! 

No Messy Construction

Construction is noisy, messy, and time-consuming. The process can potentially damage your home and landscaping. Unlike a roof replacement, roof treatment requires no construction. This means no teams of roofers, trucks, and materials blocking your driveway, street, or lawn as well as no early morning construction noise! 

Low Cost Compared to Full Replacement

Roof rejuvenation is a cost-effective solution for repairing your damaged or aging roof. Roof treatment is approximately 15-20% of the cost of a replacement – the optimal go-to budget solution for fixing a leaky roof. This will also help you buy some time to prepare financially for a total replacement.  

Eco-Friendly Alternative to Dumping

Did you know that roofing makes up ten percent of construction waste? Roofing materials are clogging our landfills – don’t add to the problem! Roof treatments can add five years of life per treatment, preventing the need for more frequent replacements and minimizing waste. 

Quick and Easy Roof Leak Repair

Unlike a roof replacement, Roof Maxx is a quick and easy solution to your roofing problems. After the initial consultation, we perform a tune-up to your roof – fixing minor issues such as missing shingles or exposed nails. The roof treatment itself is a simple process that takes less than two hours. Afterward, your roof will have its full functionality of waterproof flexibility back within three days.

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Roof Maxx Roof Treatment Can Help Repair Roof Leaks

Do you have a roofing problem in the Tri-Cities, Washington area? Roof Savers is here to help! We specialize in Roof Maxx roof treatments and can help assess your damage and advise whether our services will be beneficial for your roof. Call Roof Maxx today for a free roof shingle installation and roof treatment quote, or visit our website for more information. We look forward to helping you with your roofing needs!