What are the Advantages of Roof Maxx Roof Treatment?

Realizing you need a new roof is one of a homeowner’s greatest nightmares. Replacing a roof is a considerable investment and one of the largest possible home expenses. Unfortunately, when your roof is in bad shape, you need it replaced as soon as possible. However, for many homeowners, there might be another option. In the last few decades, new roof technology has become available called Roof Maxx. This article explores whether treating your roof is a good option for you! 

advantages of roof maxx roof treatment

Why is Roof Condition Important? 

Your roof is the shield that keeps you protected from the elements – the sun, rain, snow, hail, and extreme temperatures. It is one of the essential parts of your home and is crucial to keep it in good working condition. Regular roof treatment or replacement is necessary to prevent your home from leaking, accumulating mold, and attracting animal and pest infestations, and younger roofs improve resale value. 

Roofs are designed to last years, but it is necessary to check your roof at least annually for damage and its general condition. Although hardy, roofs can be damaged by extreme weather such as hail storms, heavy ice, and significant temperature fluctuations throughout the year. Additionally, like everything in your home, a roof can only last so long. The average lifespan of a roof varies between 12 and 50 years depending on its chosen material, quality, and durability. 

When Should You Replace Your Roof? 

There are a couple of critical indicators to look for when deciding when to replace your roof. 


The average lifespan of an asphalt roof is roughly 25 years, making it more durable than composite shingles but less long-lived than other materials. If your roof is nearing the 20-year mark, it is time to start preparing and budgeting for a new roof. 


This one is obvious – if your roof has sustained heavy damage, it might be time to replace it. High winds, hail, heavy snow, ice, or other extreme weather can damage your roof to the point of replacement or shorten its life considerably. Additionally, falling trees and branches can cause severe roof damage. 

Roof Failure

A few things can cause a roof to fail prematurely other than visible damage. The first is improper installation – poor roofing practices can dramatically decrease its viability. Another point of failure is inadequate attic ventilation. Without correct house and roof ventilation, shingles and sections of your roof can fall off, leaving your home open to the elements. 

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roof shingle longevity treatment roofmaxx

What is Roof Treatment? 

Roof Maxx is a treatment used on asphalt shingle roofs designed as an alternative to roof replacement. This plant-based oil is sprayed on dried-out shingles and penetrates deep into their asphalt cores. This design replaces the old, crusty petrochemical oil with the new plant-based oil. Roof Maxx restores the original flexibility of the shingles and strengthens and reconstitutes its waterproof properties. This increases the shingles’ granular adhesion to the layer of asphalt underneath them, preventing granular washout, which affects your gutters and lawn.

You can have your deck or driveway treated when it sees wear and tear over time. This treatment operates similarly to these resealing methods. This new technology soaks into old roof shingles and reinvigorates them to continue to protect your home. One application of roof treatment is suitable for an additional five years of life for your roof. With continued applications every five years, you can extend the life of your roof for up to fifteen years. 

Roof Treatment vs. Roof Replacement

You may be wondering why you should choose roof treatment over roof replacement. You may need to replace your roof because of damage or failure. However, for those homeowners whose asphalt roofs are just running out of time, Roof Maxx could be an ideal solution to extend the lifespan of your roof. Here are a few benefits of this treatment. 

The Advantages of Getting a Roof Maxx Application

  1. Savings

A new asphalt shingle roof can cost over ten thousand dollars. Often, homeowners don’t have this in the budget. Roof Maxx can be a fantastic, low-cost alternative. On average, roof treatment costs less than 25% of the price of a new roof. This is a bargain for five years of peace of mind. It also allows you time to save for a new roof. 

  1. Speed

Roof treatment is a much speedier option than roof replacement. While it can take weeks or even months to get on a roofing company’s schedule, treatments can be completed quickly and easily. This efficient process allows your home to be in top condition faster. 

  1. Eco-Conscious

Shingle roofs are necessary but not environmentally friendly. If you use Roof Maxx, you can extend the lifetime of your roof by up to fifteen years. This nearly doubled lifespan reduces the environmental impact of your original roof. It also reduces landfill waste, pollution, construction impacts, and the environmental cost of new roof materials. 

  1. Stay Home

Often, getting your roof replaced is a significant inconvenience. It disrupts your daily life to the point that you cannot stay in your home during the process. It is loud, there is debris, and the process can suffer delays. With Roof Maxx, these problems don’t exist. 

  1. No Construction 

Construction is frustrating and seemingly never-ending. Having a new roof installed means debris in your yard or pool, loud noises, unknown workers around your house, cars and trucks everywhere, and wear and tear on your landscaping. You can avoid this hassle with our roof maxx roof treatment, a simple, easy, and streamlined construction-free process. 

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How Roof Savers Tri-Cities Can Help

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