Should I Be Home During a Roof Replacement?

Should I Be Home During a Roof Replacement?

The day of your roof replacement is just around the corner, and you are debating whether are not you should be present. You may be wondering if you will be needed during the project, if you should supervise, or whether or not this is the perfect opportunity to take a day off work. After completing thousands of roof replacements, we have found that most homeowners would benefit from not stay home during the project but would be better off vacating the home. However, it is completely up to the homeowner to choose what works best for them. For this article, we have compiled four good reasons to vacate the home during a roof replacement service for your comfort and convenience.

4 Reasons to Vacate the Home During a Roof Replacement

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It Can Be Difficult to Get Work Done

Some homeowners jump at the chance of having an excuse to stay home so they can “get stuff done” while the replacement is going on. What many do not realize is that replacing shingles is incredibly loud. It will be a consistent pounding of hammers on your roof for hours upon hours. We aren’t talking about a dull thud sound but an action so loud that your neighbors will hear it inside their houses as well! 

Therefore, if you are thinking of doing taxes or any other activity that takes focus and brainpower, we wouldn’t suggest doing it that day. At most, you may be able to do laundry or mop the floors. 

Additionally, if you are a remote worker who typically works from home, we suggest finding an alternative “office” for the day, such as a friend’s house or coffee shop. 

Children & Pets May be Triggered by Noise

An important reason to vacate the home during a roof replacement is to protect your children and pets. Children, especially babies and toddlers, have excellent hearing and are susceptible to noise trauma. Rather than keeping your children agitated all day, with no possibility of nap time, it would be better to find a fun adventure elsewhere. 

If you have pets, primarily dogs or cats, you should take them when you leave as well. Some dogs may not care, but younger dogs and those bothered by thunderstorms should be removed from the house. Plus, while many homeowners think their cats are tough, they are actually particularly vulnerable to external noise. If you don’t want your cat hiding for the next week, consider taking them with you as well. 

This concept goes for the adults in your home too. If anyone is sensitive to noise, suffers from PTSD, or may negatively react to consistent, sharp, loud noises, they should most definitely vacate the premises. 

It Can be Dangerous to Come Outside

To work quickly, efficiently, and safely, roof installers toss old materials and packaging products off the side of the roof as they go. In the end, everything gets picked up and disposed of properly. However, this means that anyone on the ground can be at risk of getting hit by debris because the workers can’t see anything past the gutter line.  

Homeowners who choose to stay at home will be trapped inside the house. Of course, roof installers take every precaution to protect homeowners, so if a homeowner calls out they are coming outside, the roofers will stop and wait. One time doesn’t matter if you are heading out for the day, but homeowners who consistently go in and out while the roofers are working will slow down the process immensely and annoy the crew. 

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Your Car May Get Blocked In

When roof installers arrive at a house, they take up a lot of space with trucks, equipment, and dumpsters. Therefore, crew managers often recommend homeowners park their cars down the street before they arrive so they can leave at their leisure. 

Unfortunately, it is quite common for homeowners to think they will be home all day, so they leave their cars in the garage. Then, they learn they have to run an errand or realize the noise was too much for them after all, only to discover their vehicle is blocked in. To leave, the roof installers will have to stop the project, move everything out of the way so the homeowner can go, and put it all back before resuming. This can add an hour to the task easily! Therefore, it is better to simply vacate in advance or, at the very least, park your car down the street. 

An Exception Not to Vacate a Home During a Roof Replacement

The main counterpoint many homeowners make when debating whether or not to stay home during a roof replacement is the ability to be available for questions or problems. 

However, when hiring a roofing company, there should be some level of trust. Homeowners should expect their contractors to ask any pertinent questions prior to starting the job, to properly perform the replacement without concern, and to contact you immediately if, for some reason, a problem were to arise. It is crucial to keep in mind that these professionals complete this service every single day, so you are free to do as you please without worry.  

However, if being home during the roof replacement is what makes you most comfortable, we hope you will do whatever works best for you!

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