What are Solar Ventilation Fans and How Are They Beneficial to My Roof?

If you have ever attempted to get something out of your attic in the dead of summer, you know that it can be downright dreadful. Unfortunately, that awful, humid heat you are experiencing is more than just unpleasant for the few minutes you are crawling around in the attic; it can actually lead to significant long-term damage to your attic and roofing if not addressed. Fortunately, that problem can be easily remedied with a solar vent. Today, we share with you what a solar vent is, how they are beneficial, and where you can get one. 

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What is the Purpose of a Roof Vent?

Roof vents, both solar and wind powered, are designed to increase the airflow inside of an attic, pushing the hot air out. No matter the time of year, heat rises. Such heat comes from the day-to-day aspects of living within your home, whether taking a hot shower, cooking a delicious meal, or turning on your HVAC system. Whether you are in the dead of summer or winter, hot air will rise from the house into the attic. When this happens, a hot air build-up can occur, potentially leading to severe consequences. 

When hot air fills an attic, it can not only negatively affect the items that are stored within it, but it can also harm the roof’s structure. When the attic gets hot, the heat increases the temperature of the roof’s surface, and the humidity can damage the integrity of the internal materials. For example, in the winter, if your roof surface gets warm, it can melt the snow perched on your roof and form dangerous and destructive ice dams. Alternatively, the humidity of the attic can cause the internal materials of your roof to mold, rust, or rot. Therefore, proper ventilation of an attic, consistently pushing that hot air out, is a critical home system. 

How Do Solar Vents Differ from Traditional Ventilation Methods?

There are various forms of attic ventilation systems that home builders install. Some go with the very basic concept of having an attic fan, whereas most use a wind-based system where they utilize the breeze to push hot air out of the attic. The problem with these systems is that they don’t run 24/7. Attic fans must be operated on and off, and a wind-based system must have a consistent breeze. On those hot summer days when not even a single gust of wind graces your home’s presence, your attic can take a dreadful hit. 

Fortunately, solar vents are powered by sunlight, so they can run year-round to lower your attic temperature and keep that humid air from lingering. 

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What are the Benefits of Installing Solar Vents?

  1. Solar vents are more efficient

Solar vents are more efficient than wind-powered vents due to their consistent and higher capacity airflow. With constant airflow, you get a cooler attic. A cooler attic will extend the lifespan of your attic, roof, and even your shingles. 

  1. Solar vents decrease pest problems

Wind-powered or static vent attics often end up getting overtly warm and moist, which, in turn, creates a safe haven for pests. With solar vents, those heat and humidity levels stay lower, preventing pests from wanting to call your home their home.

  1. Solar vents reduce energy costs

When an attic gets too hot, it prompts a home’s HVAC system to click on more often to help remove excess heat. By utilizing solar vents, you are using the free resource of sunlight to power your vent and keep your energy bills down. 

How Many Solar Vents Do I Need?

Solar vent installation is quick and efficient. It installs easily on pitched fiberglass-asphalt shingle roofs, with no electrical wiring, no expensive electrician, and city permits. Plus, a single 12-watt unit can fully vent up to 1,260 square feet, operating at up to 893 cfms. Therefore, you can place it wherever you need improved circulation; attics, lofts, workshops, storage sheds, garages, and even barns.

Who Does Solar Vent Installation?

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When installing a solar vent system, it needs to be completed by a trained professional. This is not a recommended DIY project as it can be perilous to perform, and the chances of making a costly error are high for those who aren’t properly trained in this system. Depending on where you live, roofing companies are typically the ones you can offer to install this system. 

For those living in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas of Washington State, Roof Maxx offers solar vent installation to our customers. We love helping home and business owners save money and save their roofs, adding years to the lifespan of any given roof.

Solar Vents with Roof Maxx Services

We at Roof Maxx Services offer our clients the Natural Light Solar Attic Fan with our solar vent installation systems. Natural Light has developed a unique adjustable mounting bracket that allows the solar panel to be positioned at an angle that will collect the most sunlight to provide optimum fan performance. The solar attic fan housing is constructed of 1100 series, commercial pure-grade aluminum with no seams to prevent leaking. Built for extra durability, you can rest assured that your solar vent will stand the test of time, which they prove with their 25-year warranty on the motor, housing, and solar panel. 

If you are ready to get your attic to an optimal temperature and increase the longevity of your roof system, please contact us today about solar vent installation