Does Roof Maxx Offer Roof Cleaning Services?

Have you looked up at your roof lately? Does it look discolored, dull, or simply old? Many home and business owners who inspect their roofs assume that their roofs simply need to be cleaned; however, that is not the case. Let’s dive into learning when you need roof cleaning versus roof rejuvenation and how Roof Maxx can help you increase the longevity of your roof. 

Roof Cleaning Vs. Roof Rejuvenation:

Roof cleaning is a regular maintenance task that all home and business owners must manage on a seasonal basis. The unique environment surrounding the roof, such as having lots of trees or being located on a busy road, will drastically affect how often one needs to clean their roof. Most homeowners can get away with a bi-annual cleaning of dirt and debris removal, typically at the end of the winter and summer seasons. However, those located in areas that increase their roof’s exposure to harsher elements may need seasonal cleaning. Cleaning should happen on a regular schedule, no matter the age of the roof. 

The old-school idea of roofs lasting 30 years is no longer a viable standard due to recent changes in roofing materials. While the main structure of the roof can last that long, asphalt shingles typically need roof rejuvenation after six to ten years; six to eight for southern climates and eight to ten for northern climates. Performing roof rejuvenation will increase the longevity of the shingles, making them more pliable and durable. With this service, home and business owners may be able to keep their roofs for the full 30 years or longer!

Does Roof Maxx Offer Roof Cleaning Services? 

Roof Maxx offers home and business owners roof rejuvenation services. Unlike traditional roof cleaning, which simply removes dirt and debris, we offer a next-level service. When a customer orders a roof rejuvenation service, they get more than just the spray; it is a full-service offer.

First, we need a clean roof before applying the Roof Maxx roof treatment. As a pretreatment, we will remove sticks, leaves, and other debris from the roof using a leaf blower and by hand. While we do not offer heavy cleaning services, we will perform a light cleaning to ensure the product can adequately absorb into the shingles. 

Additionally, you have the option for a roof tune-up. During our roof tune-up process, we thoroughly inspect your roof to identify any issues with nails, caulk, flashing, or seals. For any problems that we find, we will fix them before we begin the roof rejuvenation process. Of course, if you have obtained extensive damage that wasn’t present during the initial inspection, we may have to delay service to allow for proper repairs. 

What if My Roof Has Moss?

Depending on how heavy the moss is on your roof, there are two solutions. If you have a light moss situation, it can typically be handled with our moss solution. After the moss treatment, we will be able to complete your roof treatment within a few days. However, if you have heavy, extensive moss, you will need to have it removed by a professional; just make sure they have a positive reputation, as it can be easy to damage a roof during heavy moss removal. The last thing you want is to create more problems when trying to solve an unfavorable situation. 

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How Does the Roof Maxx Treatment Work?

The Roof Maxx roof treatment utilizes revolutionary technology that restores old, brittle shingles through a simple-to-apply spray. When your shingles age, they can become brittle and inflexible. This spray allows your shingles to soak up millions of microbeads of all-natural bio-oil to regain flexibility and better protect your home. 

Will a Roof Maxx Treatment Prevent the Need for Roof Cleaning?

A single Roof Maxx roof treatment application guarantees an additional five years of life to an asphalt roof. Plus, it can be applied every five years, up to three times! That provides homeowners with 15 extra years of life to an asphalt roof, thus, saving them a considerable sum of cash and preventing excess waste from ending in the landfill. However, this does not mean that a home or business owner doesn’t need to clean their roof. Depending on your specific environment, we recommend cleaning your roof bi-annually or every seasonal change. Simply removing dirt and debris can aid in protecting your roof from preventable damage. If you are unable or don’t have the time to clean your roof yourself, local companies can manage this task for you. 

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Do you want to add years of life to your roof at a fraction of the cost of a roof replacement? Not only can save you save thousands of dollars by delaying roof replacement, but you are preventing unnecessary roof waste from ending up in landfills. Just one application of Roof Maxx saves 3.8 tons of waste from landfills, 80 kg of CO2 emissions, and 1420 kg of CO2 emissions from shingle manufacturing. 

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