What are the Signs My Roof Shingles are Drying Out?

Your roof is essentially your home’s hat, it’s the first line of defense again brutal weather, falling leaves, and other natural and human-made challenges. A durable, long-lasting roof is critical to ensuring a high quality of life, minimized issues, and the greatest return on investment. Unfortunately, roofs do not last forever. Your shingles may eventually dry out, but don’t fret; we have the solution! In the article, we will go over the signs that your roof shingles are drying out and what you can do to fix them.

Signs My Roof Shingles are Drying Out

Bald Spots & Loose Granules

One of the easiest ways to tell if a person is getting old is when they go bald; the same goes for shingles. The next time you are on your roof, we recommend looking for balding shingles or shingles with loose granules.

A balding shingle will have patches where the granules have fallen away. If it is hard to see if the shingle itself is balding, make sure to check your gutter and drainage systems. If you find excessive shingle granules in your gutter systems, it likely means all your shingles are deteriorating.

Curling or Cracked Shingles

In addition to going bald as they age, shingles will start to curl, crack, and bulge. These issues happen because there isn’t enough moisture left in the structure of the shingle to keep it flexible. Therefore, it will start to curl, or if too much pressure is applied from external elements, it will crack altogether. Cracked and curling shingles are easy to identify on the roof. If you only see one or two, that may be a singular incident, such as a fallen limb, but if you see groups of curling or cracked shingles, that is a clear sign that your shingles are drying out.

Nails Sticking Out or Falling Out

When your shingles lose their moisture, they additionally lose the grip on the nail that is supposed to be holding them in place. Nails sticking out or falling out entirely demonstrate that the grip between shingle and nail is failing. In addition to the danger of loose nails rolling off the roof or going through one’s gutter system, you always have the possibility that shingles will fly off the roof with a gust of wind.

Internal Damage to Roof or Attic

Remember, your roof is like a hat, with each shingle being like a fiber. When a shingle fails, it creates a little hole of vulnerability that can damage your home. If you notice water spots, drafts, or other signs of damage in your attic or ceiling, there is likely an issue on the roof, which could be a dried-out patch of shingles no longer providing the protection it once did.

Rising Home Energy Bills

Your roof and shingles are critical components to maintaining the internal temperature of your home, such as keeping it warm in the winter and cooler in the summer. When shingles dry out, they become leak areas, letting that precious warmth or cooling seep out into the environment. You don’t need to be heating or cooling Mother Nature, so if you notice your energy bills are continually on the rise with no other areas that could be causing the issue, it may be a sign that your roof shingles are failing.

The Roof is Getting Old

If you haven’t seen any of the signs above yet, you likely still have some life left in your roof. The last aspect we want you to consider is the age of your roof. Remember, shingles typically last 20 to 30 years, but if you haven’t been caring for them, that age range can drop to 10 to 15 years. If your roof is getting old, it is time to be vigilant of new changes, have a plan to replace your shingles or roof when the time comes, and consider getting a roof rejuvenation to add on a few extra years.

What to do if You See Signs Your Shingles are Drying Out

As soon as you notice that your shingles are drying out, we recommend taking immediate action to prevent significant expenses down the road.

First, we advise getting a detailed inspection of your roof. Roof inspectors will examine your roof, identify problems, and propose solutions to your problems.

Second, it is time to consider your solutions. For example, you may need to pound in replacement nails or replace a few shingles in a particularly vulnerable area. Alternatively, you may have a more significant problem that requires a more extensive solution, such as a total roof replacement. Remember, it is better to be preemptive with your solution than rack up a huge bill later on because you waited too long.

Third, if your shingles are starting to dry out, but they and your roof are in relatively good condition, you may want to consider roof rejuvenation. A roof rejuvenation treatment can add moisture back into your shingles to increase flexibility and durability, adding years of life back to your roof. 

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