When is the Best Time of Year for Roof Restoration?

Has your asphalt roof seen better days? When you look up at your roof, does it look faded, old, or dried out? With years of seasonal abuse under its belt, this winter may be taking an especially hard toll on the functionality and aesthetics of your shingles. Rather than wasting thousands of dollars replacing a roof that just needs a little extra tender loving care, you can get the RoofMaxx Roof Restoration Treatment. 

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What is the RoofMaxx Treatment?

Have you ever seen someone add a fresh coat of sealant to a deck or seen a driveway be treated? Similar to these preventive maintenance actions, a RoofMaxx roof restoration breathes new life into asphalt shingles. RoofMaxx is a powerful plant-based oil that penetrates deep into an asphalt shingle, replacing the dried-out petrochemical oil to restore flexibility and waterproofing protection. A single RoofMaxx roof restoration can add five years to the longevity of a roof, and it can be done three times over; that’s 15 extra years on a roof. 

Keep in mind that the RoofMaxx Treatment is designed for roofs of a specific age. For our friends here in the north, we recommend getting this roof restoration treatment when your roof reaches between 8-10 years old. At this point, your roof’s shingles will likely be getting dried out but still have enough integrity to be restored effectively. If you are unsure if a roof restoration is the right option for your roof right now, a free inspection will clear up your questions. 

If now is the time to get a roof restoration, you are likely wondering what time of year would be the best to ensure a successful project. Let’s investigate!

What are the Weather Requirements for Roof Restoration?

To successfully complete a roof restoration project, specific weather conditions must hold for a precise amount of time. Essentially, the day must be dry with a temperature above 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Let us explain further. 

roof restoration weather requirements

First, the weather must not rain or have heavily rained in the hours before applying your roof treatment. You certainly don’t want it to wash away as it is applied. Fortunately, the window of no rain doesn’t have to last long. Since the Roof Maxx treatment is a water-based, all-natural saturant, the roof can even be slightly damp during the application because it will still soak into the roof. Additionally, the RoofMaxx treatment will soak in and dry into the shingles in about 30 minutes. An hour after finishing the application, the rain won’t be a problem. This means that it can’t rain in the few hours prior to the application, throughout the application, and about 30 minutes after your technician is off the roof. Of course, this time will vary depending on the size of your treatment area. 

Second, the temperature needs to be above 36 degrees Fahrenheit. Roof Maxx’s roof restoration treatment coats the asphalt tiles and soaks into the deepest layers of the shingle, creating a waterproof weather barrier that extends the life of your roof. Still, it cannot activate appropriately if the surrounding temperature is too cold. Anything below 36 degrees Fahrenheit could cause the treatment to freeze and not absorb into the shingles. Therefore, it is recommended that the weather forecast says temperatures will be around or above 40 during the week of your scheduled appointment. 

When Should I Get My Roof Restoration Completed?

The best time of year to complete your roof restoration is when weather conditions are anticipated to be favorable for the treatment requirements. Of course, this will range depending on where you live, but you are looking for dry days with temperatures above 36 degrees Fahrenheit. No snow, rain, or sleet should be on the forecast. 

For example, we are located in the Tri-Cities, WA, region. The weather in the Tri-Cities can be temperamental, with the snowy period lasting from early November to mid-February and the rainy season spanning from early October to mid-June. Fortunately, the weather here is rarely poor for long, continuous streaks. There are often days or weeks when the weather conditions are favorable enough to perform a roof restoration properly. However, if home or business owners want to play it 99% safe, we recommend booking a roof restoration appointment from June to October. 

We caution that most home and business owners choose the bright, sunny months to take preventative roof maintenance, so industry schedules will fill up quickly. If you can be flexible and adapt to changing weather conditions, we recommend booking a late fall or early spring appointment so you have fewer people to compete with to get on the schedule. 

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Book Your Roof Restoration with RoofMaxx

We are the Tri-Cities’ TOP choice for roof rejuvenation. Located in Kennewick, our roof treatments are safe, easy, proven, and an affordable alternative to a complicated, expensive, and life-disrupting asphalt roof replacement. All year long, we perform roof restorations for home and business owners who want to keep more money in their pocket, add years of life to their asphalt roof, and save tons of roof waste from going into landfills. To get your free roof restoration quote, please call today or fill out our contact form

Curious about the logistics of performing a roof restoration project? We suggest that you read through our FAQ page to get answers to the most commonly asked questions. Don’t see your question on the list? Feel free to reach out to us at any time!