Wind Damage FAQ

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Roofmaxx Wind Damage FAQ

Wind can inflict several forms of destruction to roofs, ranging from loosening or tearing off shingles, dislocating flashing, causing leaks, to even inducing structural harm. The force of high winds is capable of violating the stability of your roof and may result in repercussions such as water seepage and reduced longevity.

Detecting wind damage on a roof can involve many different different signs: shingles that are missing or damaged; flashing that is loose or displaced; water stains on the ceiling; curled or buckled shingles; or cracks visible in roofing materials.

Roof Maxx is a revolutionary roof rejuvenation treatment designed to restore flexibility and extend the lifespan of asphalt shingle roofs. It is a scientifically formulated, all-natural plant-based treatment that penetrates into the shingles, replenishing their essential oils that are lost over time due to aging and weathering.

Roof Maxx can come to the rescue for the roofs that have sustained damage due to hurricane-force winds by revitalizing their shingles and keeping them in tip-top shape. Through this process, Roof Maxx not only restores the flexibility of shingles but also shields them against potential future wind damage. This rejuvenation treatment is incredibly advantageous as it inhibits cracking, curling, and brittleness, ultimately ensuring quality against wind forces while decreasing the likelihood of recurring harm.

The Roof Maxx Treatment is not designed to fix serious roofing problems. Shingles that require urgent fixes or replacements can be fixed with Roof Maxx's Shingle Replacement services. Instead, our treatment presents an economical option for lengthening the life span of roofs with moderate wind damage and delaying expensive roof replacements.

A single Roof Maxx treatment is designed to last for up to five years. Roof Maxx restores the flexibility and durability of the shingles on your roof, allowing them to withstand the effects of wind, temperature changes, and more environmental factors.

The Roof Maxx Roof Treatment provides an eco-friendly option for roofing needs. Utilizing natural and plant-based ingredients within our Roof Maxx Spray, we take pride in delivering a solution absent of dangerous toxins. Our priority is ensuring the safety of both your home and the environment surrounding it - that's why you can trust us to deliver a safe service fit for all.

Roof Maxx is tailored specifically for residential asphalt shingle roofs, which comprise the majority of roof types. Keep in mind that alternative roofing materials such as metal, tile, and wood cannot be treated with Roof Maxx.

To get Roof Maxx for your wind-damaged roof, you can contact your local Roof Maxx franchise or authorized dealer. They will assess your roof's condition, provide a free estimate, and schedule a convenient time for the treatment.

It is important to seek guidance from either a licensed roofing contractor or a Roof Maxx representative in order to evaluate the distinct necessities of your roof and decide on the best course of action.